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508 Main Street, Canon City, Colorado | (719)-429-5433

Parental Disclaimer:

We are Unapologetically a Barbershop. We do offer children’s services at the risk of the parent.
Some language  may not be suitable for children 

Established Since 2014

Phil’s Barber Shop Started in Canon City as a one chair shop and from its inception has been a tribute to owner Brandon Smiths Grandpa Phil.

Smith (whose youngest son is also named Phil), has run with it hoping to maintain the heritage of barbering and has surrounded himself with other amazing barbers such as Aaron Vigil, and newcomer Jacob Ireland; three gentlemen that all bring something new and fresh to the table.

Phil’s Barber Shop
Phil’s Barber Shop
Phil’s Barber Shop
Phil’s Barber Shop
Phil’s Barber Shop


Our Barbers

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February 1st we will be increasing all services (except Senior) by $2, if you pay with a card, our current CASH discount is $3 the CASH pricing will remain the same, and paying CASH will now save you $5 instead of $3.



Tuesdays: 8:30am = Brandon | Noon = Drew

Wednesday: 8:30am = Aimee | Noon = Huck

Thursday: 8:30am = Aaron | Noon = Jacob